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H. Picht's Publications

3. C. Schridde, H. Picht, M. Heidt, M. Smith, B. Freisleben
Secure Integration of Desktop Grids and Compute Clusters Based on Virtualization and Meta-Scheduling

Proceedings of the German e-Science Conference, pp.(to appear), 2007.
2. M. Schmidt, M. Smith, N. Fallenbeck, H. Picht, B. Freisleben
Building a Demilitarized Zone with Data Encryption for Grid Environments PDF

Proceedings of First International Conference on Networks for Grid Applications, pp.8-16, ACM Press, 2007.
1. N. Fallenbeck, H. Picht, M. Smith, B. Freisleben
Xen and the Art of Cluster Scheduling

VTDC '06: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Virtualization Technology in Distributed Computing in conjuncture with the ACM/IEEE conference on Supercomputing, pp.4--11, IEEE Press, 2006.