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M. Schwalb's Publications

4. M. Schwalb, R. Ewerth, B. Freisleben
Fast Motion Estimation on Graphics Hardware for H.264 Video Encoding PDF

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, pp.(to appear), 2009.
3. R. Ewerth, M. Schwalb, B. Freisleben
Using Depth Features to Retrieve Monocular Video Shots PDF

Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval 2007 (CIVR 07), July 2007, Amsterdam, pp.210-217, 2007.
2. R. Ewerth, M. Schwalb, P. Tessmann, B. Freisleben
Segmenting Moving Objects in the Presence of Camera Motion PDF

Proc. of 14th Int'l Conf. on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP '07), Modena, Italy, 2007, IEEE Press, pp.(accepted for publication), 2007.
1. R. Ewerth, M. Schwalb, P. Tessmann, B. Freisleben
Estimation of Arbitrary Camera Motion in MPEG Videos PDF

Proceedings of 17th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Vol. 1, Cambridge, UK, pp.512-515, 2004.