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T. Schneider's Publications

3. T. Schneider, F. De Lillo, J. Bührle, B. Eckhardt, T. Dörnemann, K. Dörnemann, B. Freisleben
Transient turbulence in plane Couette flow

Physical Review E, pp.15301-15305, American Physical Society, 2010.
2. K. Dörnemann, T. Schneider, T. Dörnemann, B. Eckhardt, B. Freisleben
Turbulence Simulations on Clusters and Desktop Computers

Research Report High-Performance Computing in Hessen, pp.145-147, 2010.
1. K. Dörnemann, T. Dörnemann, B. Freisleben, T. Schneider, B. Eckhardt
A Hybrid Peer-to-Peer and Grid Job Scheduling System for Teaming Up Desktop Resources with Computer Clusters to Perform Turbulence Simulations PDF

Proceedings of 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science, pp.418-419, IEEE Press, 2008.